Beat die Star: sarah Lombardi is

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Sarah lombardi had to give bei "beat die Star" Eko new beat

The zuerst man-to-woman duel bei the history of "Schlag ns Star". Rapper Eko new (35, "king of Germany") has set on Saturday evening versus singer Sarah lombardi (26, "Back kommen sie me"). And that"s quite clear. While the 26-Year-old was able zu win bei the battle des the sexes, only ns games number four und number ten, won her opponent an the staying rounds.

in the twelfth of a possible fünfzehn rounds des the game had kommen sie give lombardi struck. Eko fresh triumphed in the end with a score des 64:14 und was allowed zu claim the 100,000 euros.

"My nerves are ausblüten blank"

an the case von Instagram, described Sarah lombardi after die defeat of her state of mind: "My nerves are blieb blank. Eko has actually earned die victory and I congratulate. I think you kann sein hardly imagine exactly how excited you are and how much pressure the is."

the she has actually lost, oase you met in the zuerst Moment, die singer, had presented itself bei the run-up to ns right self-aware. "I was disappointed in the zuerst Moment, since I have annoyed me a total des about myself. Yet still, it was a great evening. Give thanks to you zu "beat the Star", Eko Fresh, mine family und friends and all that out there weil das me to cheer him."

new game format for "beat the Star"

die duel von the sexes ProSieben so had a new addition to the Show of Europe - tailored to ns profession des the two candidates. Because in a video game both currently knew in advance: the "song battle". Both kauf es Lombardi, and also Eko Fresh before each added three lied that sie selected an advance, and for a woche together with the Live maßband had rehearsed.

Then, the viewers were allowed zu vote von phone zum their favorites. The rapper won ns game with 55 percent von the vote. He had performed "lose Yourself" von Eminem, "Hey, there"s" the Atzen and a smarter move - "Wadde had a dudde?" nur inventor stephen Raab. Lombardi"s song choice ("Titanium" von SIA, "Ain"t Nobody" von Felix Jaehn and "I Wanna sprung With Somebody" über Whitney Houston) was in the audience, however, notfall quite together good.


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