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modern-day Family: Edward Norton's Bizarre Season 1 Cameo defined Edward Norton isn’t commonly known zum his comedic roles yet his modern Family cameo as a fading 80s rock stern back in season 1 was a hoot.

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Modern family Edward Norton
v Modern Family coming kommen sie end, what better time kommen sie take a look back on Edward Norton’s bizarre season 1 cameo? Modern Family has actually given fan some great cameos und guest stern over that eleven seasons on die air. Season 5 featured a perfectly actors Jesse Eisenberg together Mitch und Cam’s condescending, environmentally aware neighbor Asher und a hilarious revolve from British gibbs Stephen merchant as in eager-to-please butler named Higgins – a duty he reprised in the show’s final season.

Going also further back in Modern Family’s history, Matthew Broderick was brilliant in the season 4 illustration “Mistery Date” as dave – a gay freund of Cam’s who mistakenly believes he’s on a date with Phil. Ns sitcom’s second season boasted an entertaining cameo from Sonic the Hedgehog star james Marsden bei “Slow under Your Neighbors” together a reiki-practicing nut who claims kommen sie be Mitch and Cam’s neu neighbor but is actually living in their garden in Lily’s princess playhouse.

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If Modern Family fans kann cast their minds rückseitig all ns way kommen sie season 1 episode “Great Expectations,” they may remember a bizarre but funny cameo from Edward Norton sporting a dodgy mullet and in even dodgier british accent as Izzy LaFontaine – die (fictional) base player des 1980s neu wave eis Spandau Ballet. He is hired by Claire kommen sie perform a private concert as a wedding anniversary gift zum Phil as she erroneously believes he is a big Spandau ballett fan -or “fandau” together Mr. LaFontaine state it - and that die band’s ballad “True” is their one-of-a-kind song.

Modern family members Edward Norton
Unfortunately weil das Claire, it turns out Phil has actually no idea that Spandau ballett are – viel to Izzy LaFontaine’s disappointment, who’s even much more offended to learn that Phil think their unique song zu sein “If sie Leave” von Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Kommen sie appease both Claire und Izzy, Phil tells them that “True” zu sein now their new song und so ns fading absent star’s private, bass-and-vocals-only power goes ahead.

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While Edward Norton has had actually a couple of comedic duties like Moonrise Kingdom he’s better known weil das his an ext serious movies like Primal Fear or American history X, deswegen seeing ihm pop nach oben on a sitcom favor Modern Family was quite surprising. Apparently, Norton is a big fans of die show and he und star Ty Burrell go method back, having operated on Leaves of Grass and The significant Hulk together, deshalb his cameo makes sense. Plus, when Edward Norton’s Modern Family cameo was bizarre, the was so pretty funny und the sitcom is quirky enough to pull the off.