Dr. Dre Andre Young Jr.

VETERAN verpackung Dr Dre suffered serious heartbreak after the death des his child Andre Young Jr.

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The laboratory legend's 20-year-old son was found tot inside his California home.


Dr Dre suffered a painful lose with ns death von his third child und second-oldest sonCredit: AP:Associated Press

Andre Young Jr. Was found dead inside his Los angeles homeCredit: Twitter/Curtis Young

Here's more on the death of the musician and entrepreneur's dritter child.

When did Dr Dre's child die?

Dre's son died on august 23, 2008 from in overdose of heroine and morphine, according to die Los angeles County coroner.

His mommy discovered in his bed at around 10:30am that morning, und although she referred to as paramedics, they to be unable zu revive produziert son.

Young was pronounced dead at ns scene.


Dre's der dritte tag child, Andre Young Jr, died von a drug overdose in August 2008Credit: getty Images - Getty

Representatives weil das Dre evidenced his death, saying an a statement: "Dr Dre ist mourning ns loss of his child Andre Young Jr. Please respect his family's grief and privacy hinweisen this time."

In januar 2009, Coroner spokesman Larry Dietz told world Young's death was ruled an accident "due zu morphine and heroin intoxication."

The results of his toxicology report had been pending zum four months.

How old was he?

Young tragically passed away at ns age of 20.


Dre's earliest child, Curtis Young, mutual a photo des his younger brother together a tribute top top TwitterCredit: Twitter/Curtis Young

Does Dr Dre have other kids?

Dre has fathered seven children throughout ns years.

He zuerst became a dad when still in high school, kommen sie a son named Curtis, whom he didn't satisfy until die boy was 20 year old.

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Curtis' sister, Tyra, was born shortly after.

Another von his high school relationships produced a daughter, la Tonya.


The rapper has seven children, six of whom space livingCredit: getty - Contributor

Dre deshalb had a connection with singer Michel'le, which succumbed a son called Marcel.

In the late 1980s, he and Jenita Porter birthed Andre Young Jr.

In 1996, Dre and Nicole Threatt married and had two children: a son called Truice and a daughter named Truly.

Dre's current wife, nicole Young, ist the mother of his youngest 2 children, daughter important (born 2001) und son Truice (born 1997)Credit: getty Images - Getty

Is he gaining a divorce?

In July, nicole Young (nee Threatt) filed weil das divorce indigenous Dre in Los angeles County exceptional Court after ~ 24 years von marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.

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Nicole ist requesting approximately $2million for temporary spousal assistance and bei additional $5million in lawyer feeds.

She declared he "could shed a portion" des his $1billion fortune bei their divorce due to the fact that he allegedly "tore up" their prenup after he felt bad for pressuring herstellung into signing it.

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Dre zu sein reportedly worth bei estimated $200 million after ~ he offered his headphones in brand geraten Beats über Dre to Apple in 2014 for $3billion.

She has requested practically $2million bei temporary spousal support and another $5million to hülle legal fees in the proceedingsCredit: Rex Features