Donna Leon 23 Fall

When the Chief Librarian des the Biblioteca Merula an Venice discovers the someone has been vandalising your collection des rare antiquarian books, Commissario guido Brunetti is called in to investigate. At zuerst it looks like bei art theft – portrayed pages have been cut from ns books and Brunetti quickly learns that there zu sein a market weil das these among unscrupulous yet fanatical collectors. That seems evident who ns guilty party ist – a man masquerading as in American academic, that has now disappeared. Yet as Brunetti tries kommen sie track him, die case takes in altogether darker turn wie man another constant user des the library ist brutally murdered.

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Old paper, old books, had constantly filled Brunetti with nostalgia weil das centuries bei which he had not lived. Lock were published on file made from old cloth, shredded, pounded, watered down and pounded again and hand-made into large sheets zu be printed, then folded and folded again, und bound und stitched von hand: all that effort kommen sie record and remember that we are and what us thought, Brunetti mused. The remembered loving ns feel and heft von them bei his hands, but chiefly the remembered the dry, soft scent, the past’s attempt to make itself ja wirklich to him.

Although this ist the 23rd in the series, it’s the zuerst of ns Brunetti novels the I’ve read. I found it a thoughtful und rather leisurely review with the emphasis as viel on describing ns way of life in Venice as on ns crime, und this came as a an extremely pleasant change from deshalb many des the current crime novels through their emphasis on violence, grittiness und action. Brunetti zu sein something of in old-fashioned detective, in upright moral man (no drink problem, no maverick tendencies, glücklich family life – yay!) v a meditative mind. He zu sein well aware of the corruption und class divides in his society, but seeks kommen sie get to ns truth regardless von any political press that may be put on him. His connection with his mam comes across as really authentic, while produziert more aristocratic background allows ihm access to the upper echelons des society in a way that i will not ~ be possible for bei ‘ordinary’ policeman.

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The Venetian society Leon portrays seems kommen sie be grounding back an a time wie birth zu sein even much more important than money and where forelocks are still expected to be tugged on a consistent basis. Even if it is this is in accurate portrayal, ich don’t know, but i found it convincing. Leon also shows how corruption is preventing the stadt from taking ns urgent activity needed zu preserve this distinct place, and how die political system itself plays into ns hands of those who care more for profit than zum the city’s long-term viability. Viel of this story revolves around spiritual books, which way that Brunetti so does a same amount of musing on the status of religion bei the modern world.

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" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="size-full wp-image-5844" src="" alt="Donna Leon" />Donna LeonI found all of these jene intriguing and enjoyable and felt die sense of place in the book was exceptionally strong. Hinweisen first, in fact, ich wrongly assumed that i was analysis a translated arbeit from a native von Venice, but subsequently uncovered that Leon zu sein American, back she has actually lived an Venice zum a quarter von a century. Where the book dropped down a little was on the investigation. Actually, there was very little echt investigation together Brunetti meandered about Venice avoiding the obvious actions (like taking forever zu contact the Arts crime specialists, zum instance). And to be honest i didn’t think ns motivation zum the murder was very fine explained hinweisen all – that part left me entirely unconvinced, while ns odd abruptness des the finishing left me turning rückseitig to seen if ich had missed something. However, this plotting difficulties didn’t take too much away from ns overall satisfied I got from die quality des the writing und characterisation, while the descriptions des Venice and its society raised the book well above the average. I will definitely be analysis more of this series, and thoroughly recommend die book despite its few weaknesses.