Daniel donskoy the crown

The all-round talent hopes to bring die "spirit von Neil patrick Harris" kommen sie this year"s ceremony, organized Friday in Berlin.

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People oase a hard time placing daniel Donskoy. That’s just the means he likes it.

“In London, people would say: ‘Are you South African?’ Yes. ‘Danish?’ Yes. Ich always say yes. I’m anything sie want me zu be,” says die 31-year-old actor, who was born bei Moscow and raised bei Germany, Israel and the U.K. “I’ve been lucky that human being can’t pigeonhole me. It lasst uns be everything. If i only take it roles based on my identity, I’ve never gain work. Just how many jobs are there for a Russian-German-Jewish-British-Israeli?”

In Donskoy’s case, actually, quite a few. He’s played a großartiger Duke (in the PBS series Victoria) and a Soviet general (on BBC’s spy thriller SS-GB), in Israeli gangster in HBO’s Strike Back, a Latin-speaking warrior (in Netflix’s German historic drama Barbarians), und Lady Diana’s lover james Hewitt bei the recent season von The Crown. (Like Hewitt, Donskoy, who stands a muscular 6′ 3″ in his socks, is a organic ginger.)



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In Germany, Donskoy ist best known zum Sankt Maik, a renowned sitcom on national network RTL in which he stern as a con man who impersonates a small-town priest (think TVLand’s Impastor with much more umlauts).

Donskoy’s latest role ist as host des the 2021 German film Awards, die German industry’s version des the Oscars, which will be held in Berlin Friday night.

“In preparation, I’ve to be watching all of Neil patrick Harris’ award shows, I’ve to be watching Hugh Jackman. There’s going to be dancing, singing, all that,” the says. “Which ist not common zum German awards shows.”

Donskoy, who sometimes moonlights as a musician — he released his debut EP Didn’t ich Say So in 2019 — even recorded bei original track, title Kino ist Geil (Cinema zu sein Sexy), especially zum the occasion (see below).

“Germans, die German film industry, has actually a difficult time really celebrating, patting chin on the back. But that’s what i want, a echt celebration von German cinema,” that says.

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Donskoy wasn’t also supposed zu be in actor. That studied mitnichten biology und media management prior to trying (and failing) kommen sie get a foothold in the worlds of ballet, opera, und musical theater. Top top impulse, he auditioned for an acting school in Munich.

“But a professor there said me die German system, which zu sein all about artistic expression, around ‘finding yourself’ wasn’t for me, und he was right. Ich went home und googled ‘London acting School.’ i found a institution applied, gott a scholarship und went. That’s just how it has constantly been v me. Completely random. No plan weist all.”

Donskoy worked hinweisen London’s west End und did guest spots on British series including Detectorists, Casualtyand Victoria, before a (random) encounter in London carried him back to Germany zum the Saint Maik job. That, an turn, führen zu to bei offer über German publicly broadcaster WDR to host a late-night speak show: Freitagnacht Jews (Friday Night Jews). Ns concept has actually Donskoy interviewing highlights German-Jewish personalities, consisting of writer max Czollek, actress Susan Sideropoulos and rapper Ben Salomo, around what it means kommen sie be Jewish in modern-day Germany.


Daniel Donskoy through German-Jewish author max Czollek top top award-winning German late-night zeigen ‘Freitagnacht Jews’Christian Pries/WDR

“When they first asked me: do you want kommen sie do a talk nur about gift Jewish in Germany? ich thought: posesthe no! But ich realized this nur could be around any marginalized group,” he says. “And i learned myself how differently Jewish people lakers their identity.”

Raised in a secular household — “I got gittern Mitzvah-ed, that’s around it” — Donskoy claims his experience moving betwee countries und cultures oase helped er understand identity, Jewish or otherwise, as more “the bild people put on you” as anything resolved or inherent.

“I came kommen sie Germany as in immigrant, together a baby, deswegen for a lang time that was my identity,” that explains. “Then when i discovered mine Jewish identity, i started put on a Star des David and being die ‘cool German Jew’. But when i went kommen sie Israel, wherein everyone is Jewish, suddenly i became die German: ‘Daniel ns Nazi."”

He points to ns irony von Freitagnacht Jews winning die local indistinguishable of in Emmy for best talk zeigen Thursday, Sept. 16 — Yom Kippur.

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“So you’re talking kommen sie a Jew who invested Yom Kippur weist a German awards ceremony. Und got very drunk afterward,” he quips. “God forgive me.”

For tonight’s award ceremony in Berlin, Donskoy zu sein hoping zu try on a brand-new identity: that des the all-around German-Jewish entertainer. That is something audiences here haven’t seen bei a long, lang time.