Brief 1 55 gewicht Webex Room 55 zu sein a powerful, completely integrated collaboration system that brings an ext intelligence and usability to your small- to medium-sized conference rooms, whether registered on-premises or to Webex.

Du schaust: Brief 1 55 gewicht Webex Room 55 overview Webex™ Room 55 combines in unmatched video and audio experience with a sophisticated, Red Dot–awarded entwurf to develop a compelling mannschaft collaboration system.

The Room 55, which includes camera, codec, display, speak system, and microphones integrated an a einzel device, is optimized weil das rooms the seat up kommen sie seven people. That is in all-in-one, integrated system that’s easy kommen sie install, use, deploy, und manage. That crafted through high-quality components: experienced 4K display weil das longevity und minimal latency, an effective digital zoom camera zum discreet tracking, sophisticated speaker system and amplifier zu deliver rich sound, and a light industrial entwurf that combines aluminum and fabric for a sustainable und humanizing effect.

The Webex Room 55 has ns Webex Room Kit as its basic technology, bringing neu capabilities such together speaker tracking, best overview, automatic wake-up, und people count to enable also smarter meetings, smarter presentation capabilities, and smarter room and device integrations. This features and functionalities additional remove ns barriers to usage and deployment des video an small- zu medium-sized conference rooms. The Room 55 is rich in functionality and experience but zu sein priced und designed zu be easily scalable to all von your conference rooms und spaces, even if it is registered on-premises or zu Webex.


number 1. Webex Room 55 an medium room scenario Webex Room 55 features and benefits

Table 1 summarizes Webex Room 55 features und benefits.

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Table 1. Features and benefits



Award-winning design

● Light, innovative industrial design is recipient des 2017 Red dot award for innovation an design
● Camera innovation: powerful 5K UltraHD camera und wide-angle lens startseite everyone in the room
● Sound creation

◦ stereotype speakers with dedicated center speaker for optimal voice pick-up

◦ built-in amplifier to deliver affluent sound

◦ Speakers over screen zum more equal room coverage

● display innovation: 4K professional-grade display screen
● entwurf innovation

◦ cloth front zum natural and inviting feel

◦ Aluminium frame zum lightness in design and sustainability

◦ Increased height over vault generation zu accommodate higher tables (10 cm/4 inches taller than MX300)

● highly reliable together components and software room designed zu work together
● Designed kommen sie minimize latency and echo

Smart meetings

● Brings clever views kommen sie smaller rooms through discreet, incorporated camera

◦ ideal overview: automatically detects conference participants and provides ideologen framing

◦ speaker tracking: Detects und switches bolzen active speakers und provides ideal framing

● an excellent audio experience with integrated microphones, speakers, and amplifier; support room elegance through no wires or microphones on ns table
● automatically noise suppression reduce disruptive sounds coming from the meeting room (e.g., typing, file rustling)
● simplified meeting-join suffer with One button To push (OBTP) weil das scheduled devices bei a Webex meeting, even if it is registered on-prem or to Webex
● automatic wake-up: system “wakes up” when someone go into ns room and suggests activities zum fast und easy meeting anfang
● conveniently controlled von the Webex Room Navigator control unit or v a Proximity or ns Webex app
● End-to-end defense

Smart presentations

● Supports doppel screens zum video und content
● supports dual inhalt sources weil das local meetings Webex Room 55 prominente features/differentiators

Bringing an ext intelligence kommen sie small und medium-sized rooms

The Webex Room 55 offers video innovation encased an a beautiful designed frame, bringing much more sophistication, intelligence, und usability kommen sie your small-to-medium team collaboration rooms. While others are still struggling zu offer progressed features such together speaker tracking, wireless sharing, und 4K content in their deluxe products, zu sein already bringing these innovations to meeting rooms des all sizes an a cost-effective and simple way. With the Room 55, ist helping customers endure smarter meetings, allow smarter presentations, und create smarter room and device integrations. These attributes were previously ns domain des higher-end video conferencing rooms, but kann sein now be brought zu every room und every team. When registered to Webex, extr functionalities enhance the user experience and team workflow und further leveling deployment:

Smart meetings: Powerful, integrated cameras deliver clever view capabilities, such together automatic framing and speaker tracking; automatically noise suppression reduces conference disruptions

Smart presentations: dual screens, dual content sources, wireless sharing, and 4K inhalt make for great presentations

Smart rooms: world count for usage metrics und resource allocation; chop integrations through screens to enhance user interactions; APIs and macros enable meeting personalization

Registration flexibility: Built zum both cloud and on-premises deployment, protecting your investment. Webex Room 55 registration

Table 2 offers registration information.

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Table 2. Registration information

License level

Term Webex an equipment Subscription

Monthly or 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-year options

Product specifications

Table 3 offers product specifications.

Table 3. Specifications



Software compatibility

● participation Endpoint Software version 9.14.5 or later, and Webex RoomOS

Default components in Webex Room 55 with:

Floor stand



Wheel base



Wall mount



Optional hardware components

● Microphone extension cable
● HDMI presentation cable 8m/26.2 ft.


● Up to 6 Mbps point-to-point

Minimum bandwidth zum resolution/frame rate