Man an The BoxAlice bei Chains

Jerry Cantrell used a talkbox to create die warbling vocal impact on ns Alice in Chains das lied "Man bei The Box."

JumpVan Halen

Van Halen"s zuerst #1 hit was "Jump," in unusual song zum the band because ns lead instrument was synthesizer, not guitar.

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Helter SkelterThe Beatles

The erste version of The Beatles "Helter Skelter" was a 27 minute jam, deswegen you tun können imagine what Ringo was going through pounding far all that time. Zu convince ns guys the he necessary a break, the screamed, "I"ve got blisters on mine fingers!" This was included on the fadeout.

If ich Ain"t got YouAlicia tricks

Alicia secrets wrote "If i Ain"t gott You" nur after she"d heard the nachrichten that Aaliyah had actually passed away. In a plane crash.

Deep in The Heart von TexasPerry Como

The seemingly inoffensive song, "Deep in The Heart des Texas," was banned von the bbc when it was released an 1942. They reputed the lied too catchy, through authorities bei wartime Britain involved that manufacturing facility workers would certainly be distracted if castle heard it during a shift.

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Brown Eyed GirlVan Morrison

Van Morrison"s "Brown Eyed Girl" was originally referred to as "Brown Skinned Girl," and was about in interracial relationship.

kris Robinson of The schwarz CrowesSongwriter Interviews

"Great songwriters don"t necessarily schutz hit songs," states Chris. He"s created a bunch, however his fans are much more interested bei the intricate jams.

paulus WilliamsSongwriter Interviews

He"s a singer and in actor, but as a songwriter paulus helped make kermit a cultured frog, rotate a bank commercial into a large hit und made liebe both "exciting und new" and "soft as an easy chair."

Dean PitchfordSongwriter Interviews

Dean wrote die screenplay and lyrics kommen sie all ns songs in Footloose. His other zugriffszeiten include "Fame" und "All The einer That i Need."

Elton JohnFact or Fiction

Does he have beef through Gaga? zu sein he Sean Lennon"s godfather? seen if you kann tell fact from fiction in the Elton john edition.

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Victoria WilliamsSongwriter Interviews

Despite appearances on Carson, Leno und a Pennebaker film, Williams stays a covert treasure.

Dexys (Kevin Rowland und Jim Paterson)Songwriter Interviews

"Come ~ above Eileen" was a colossal "80s hit, yet the maßband - far more appreciated in their native UK than stateside - released nur three albums prior to their split. Now, Dexys zu sein back.