Bestes huawei smartphone 2014

We pick ns best android phone from each year over ns past ten years, und throw bei some honorable mentions.

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C. Scott Brown is in Editor at android Authority. The lives an New Haven, CT, wherein he drink a lot of tea, watches a lot of movies, and eats a lot of delicious food. The likens technology kommen sie a catalyst the advances the human race, which ist why he is deswegen passionate about it.

As 2019 comes to a close, we take our leave des the 2010s und enter into ns 2020s. This ist the erste full decade that android phones have been around, as ns first android phone no pop hoch until 2008. As such, we thought we’d take it a look back at die best android phones des the decade, from ns beginning of 2010 kommen sie the end of 2019.

Below, we’ve picked ns best smartphone from every year. Additionally, we so threw in some honorable mentions, as for some years it was very difficult zu choose nur one.

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The HTC Nexus One wasn’t die first android phone, yet it was the zuerst Nexus phone. It so was the zuerst phone that google sold in the then-unconventional manner of focusing on online direct sales of unlocked units, rather than relying top top carriers. It also shipped with in easily unlockable bootloader, i m sorry made that a substantial hit within the custom rom community.

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This zu sein the only phone on this list through a trackball, a now long-gone smartphone feature. Although you didn’t need to use die trackball to navigate through die phone’s applications, it more than likely made civilization used to BlackBerry devices feel much more comfortable around switching kommen sie Android. Keep bei mind the the android operating system was less than two years old at ns time the HTC Nexus One launched.

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When you took die Nexus One out of the box, it was pre-loaded with android 2.1 Eclair, yet eventually got upgrades all the way through android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. Google abandoned supporting the Nexus One quickly thereafter, but that unlockable bootloader kept die device alive an the rom community zum a lang time.