Aluminium In Deos Stiftung Warentest

against odor und sweat: i m sorry deodorant zu sein the best?

for most people, deodorant zu sein a jeden tag companion to prevent unpleasant odors.

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However, notfall all deodorant protects against odor, und some contain aluminum salts, which are associated with feasible health hazards. Fundament, stiftung Warentest came kommen sie this conclusion in a recent study of 21 deodorants and antiperspirants. We schutz summarized zum you which commodities are an especially recommendable.

Reliable defense

weil das many civilization it ist natural zu use deodorant native showering. You do not oase to dig deep into your bag because, as a current study von Stiftung warntest shows, such commodities are sometimes available zum less 보다 one euro. An ext than geholfen of the tested deodorant und antiperspirant that tun können safely protect versus odor. No aluminum salts space required for them. Yet those that want much less sweat in the flow can not do without controversial substances.

No aluminum salts are required zu prevent underarm odor. It zu sein shown with a study über Stiftung Warentest, wherein 21 deodorants und antiperspirants are tested. (Photo: arizanko /

Deodorants assist odor

Sweating is a natural function kommen sie control human body temperature.

Sweat ist absolutely odorless – even underarms. Ns body smell only creates when die metabolize bacteria zu sein part des the sweat.

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Deodorants kann help with the smell. Antiperspirants can so reduce ns flow des sweat.

stiftung Warentest now tests a total des 21 deodorants zum men and women: scooters, sticks, creams, deoblocks and crystals.

Tested commodities include famous brands choose Nivea, Sebamed and CD, but so discounterware und trend products und natural cosmetics.

As experts write bei a statement, 13 accumulation that defend well versus unpleasant odors – and even indigenous 55 cents

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good does not oase to be expensive

13 von the tested products are basic "", two fell von

psychological winner an the deodorants ist the "deodorant water lilie 48h" über CD. This three assets are followed by Greendoor ("Deodorant Cream v no Aluminum"), Nivea ("Natural organic 0% Aluminum Deodorant") and Sebamed ("Balsam Deodorant").

ns cheapest des the "good" Deodorant from Aldi norden ("Biocura Body treatment Pure grundlegend Deo Roll-On").

Winners of antiperspirants space "Balea Anti-Perspirant original Dry" and "Cien herbal Minerals through Aloe vera Antiperspirant". Dm and Lidl are deshalb among the cheapest.

the result des the entire investigation appears in the June issue des the "test" magazine and can it is in activated zum a webseite fee.

can be impede under die smell also without aluminum salt

follow to die report, ns test so shows that it does notfall require aluminum salts zu prevent underarm odor.

yet people that want less sweat in the flow kann not do without controversial substances. Die block des pores von the sweat glands for a while und therefore prevents sweat flow.

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grundlagen, spenden Warentest has actually reported the a remedy has yet to be found which tun können make this impact without aluminum.

However, according to experts, A couple of years ago, researcher reported that such commodities could increase ns risk of breast cancer