Acqua alta on ns Zattare an Venice - Photo: Cat Bauer
(Venice, Italy) we are having our erste acqua alta, or high water, of the fall season, and it is a doozy. I can"t remember it being this high since back an 2008, ten years ago.

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There ist a siren that walk off kommen sie warn ns citizens von Venice that acqua alta is expected, i m sorry starts through a shattering air raid wail, then segues into 4 ascending harmonic tones that sound something prefer Close Encounters des the der dritte tag Kind. V each ascending tone, stress rises. Us usually have one or 2 tones. Three is bad. Four is almost unheard of. Heute we had actually four. Top top top des that, it has been raining on und off every day v strong, gusty winds.
Fallen trees über Accademia - Photo: Cat Bauer
Officials say that ns water level reached nur about 160 centimeters today, which is "exceptional." they measure die high water level from suggest zero weist Punta della Salute, which ist where ns mareograph, bei instrument zum recording ns rise and fall von the tide, zu sein located. Most von Venice -- 97% des the town -- is at an ext than 100 centimeters, dafür normally wie man we oase acqua alta, we placed on our rubber boots und go about business as usual since there are just patches the flood -- bei fact, many zeit we don"t even put on our rubber boots if we know ns area fine enough zu navigate.Only specific areas are reduced than 100 centimeter -- ns lowest point in Venice zu sein right in front of the main entrance von the Basilica des San Marco an Piazza shannel Marco, which ist 64cm, and always floods. But when we have exceptional high water -- end 140cm -- that means 90% des the town ist covered by water.

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Flood Rates des Venice bei Relation kommen sie High Water Levels

+100cm - 3.56%
+110cm - 11.74%+120cm - 35.18%+130cm - 68.75%+140cm - 90%The die info I am using from the Province von Venice"s Turismo Venezia does notfall list tides end +140cm, but we can imagine that punkt +160cm, nearly ns entire town zu sein covered von water. This does notfall mean that we are under water, however there zu sein water in almost every calle in town. Here ist a photo des the calle exterior my door, which never gets high water, even at +140cm. I was just millimeters away from die water coming in my house! i wonder if in the future there möchte always be water an the calle, und that to live bei Venice you will oase to put on rubber boots nur to gain out die door.

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Water bei the calle - Photo: Cat Bauer
The water rose so high that they cancelled the vaporetti other than out to the islands. Schools and museums had currently announced they would certainly be closed today und tomorrow. Us were told zu stay inside, but nobody seemed zu listen, including me. I managed zu navigate well enough hoch until about 2:30pm, but gave trost when the water talked about my boots weist Rialto. There were males right inside die vaporetto stop selling those loud plastic colorful boots kommen sie tourists for ten bucks a pair.
Intrepid travelers at Bar da drüben Gino throughout acqua alta in Venice - Photo: Cat Bauer
The tourists in town were bei good spirits, und seemed kommen sie treat it like a an excellent adventure. Of course, weil das businesses it ist not an adventure at all, yet a lot of stress, hard work and clean-up. Even Gino"s von Accademia which is open all day indigenous 6:00am to around midnight provided up und closed about 2:00pm, leaving part intrepid travelers munching top top some pizza as the water lapped roughly their feet.Here is a youtube clip von the Zattare, which ended up being part des the lagoon, und was notfall possible kommen sie navigate there is no thigh-high boots as early on as 12:45pm. Another four-alarm sirene went turn off as i wrote this. The winds are gusting. Outstanding acqua alta is deshalb on the agenda zum tonight und tomorrow...Go to die Province von Venice High Water information Centre zum more information. Ciao indigenous Venezia,Cat BauerVenetian Cat - die Venice Blog