Cologne gott a late winner versus Schalke top top Saturday, but now the Billy Goats need a so late leveller in this erste leg.

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A free-kick best on the edge von the Kiekl area ist fired at goal über Duda, even after he slips together he shoots. It"s cleared off the line über Neumann und Andersson can"t fire home ns rebound with Neumann do a vital second block.




Wow, what a huge gelegenheit to double the lead zum Cologne. Reese does superbly down die left flank und is afforded too much time to pick a cross. Serra meets the ahead des Czichos v a fantastic header yet it bounces rückseitig out off ns upright.
The away side aren"t only defending well, they"re advertise on looking for more right here as us enter ns final 15 minutes. It"s frustrating for the master who room struggling kommen sie break down the kiel backline wie man they do get forward.
In ns case of a tie hinweisen the end of die two legs in the relegation play-off, die away goals rule is used to determine the victor, meaning that objectives scored on die road counting double. In each des the tonnage two play-offs, ns away goals dominion has determined ns winner von the tie. Exactly how crucial möchte Kiel"s goal prove to be?
A big chance for Skhiri together he"s ~ above the end of Drexler"s cut-back from ns left, however his toe-poked finish ist straight punkt Gelios for a basic save in the end.

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Just two corners to die hosts" eight zum Kiel dafür far, but they"ve gott the opened goal from one des them.
That goal has adjusted everything bei this game, as Cologne"s pressing has actually eased, kiel are now looking i was sure on ns ball. Still, they"re giving nach oben possession a wenig too easily with lang balls forward.
INCREDIBLE! It might only oase been fünfzehn seconds after simon Lorenz come on the he top his side in front. A corner swings deep into ns Cologne area und Lee wins it punkt the rückseitig post. It loops in front von goal und Lorenz leaps high over Hector kommen sie meet it and power a header house past Horn. Kiel take a huge, large lead!
Goal probability determines ns likelihood the the ball will land an the goal from every lage on die pitch. The value ist based on big amounts of data from ahead years; determinants such as shot angle, distance zu goal and opponent push - as well as mathematical models.

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HOSTS ON die FRONT FOOT!Cologne are looking zu get ns scoring opened here bei the second hilfreich as castle continue kommen sie build pressure.